Infamous for their local random acts of kindness, Ely Rock Eels (ERE) have struck again! 

This time Ely’s 3 emergency service stations were the locations for their ‘Rock Drop’ on 24th November. “We are always looking for a new idea to keep our community rock painting fresh in order to make the people of Ely smile,” explained Fleur Patten of Ely Rock Eels. “We are very lucky to have police, ambulance and fire stations in Ely and we just wanted to express our respect and gratitude for our life savers and their daily service to our community.”

Hundreds of hand painted rocks which incorporated the theme of emergency services graced the #999Line. They were laid along the wall in front of the ambulance and police stations in town for maximum impact and the fire-themed rocks were laid in front of the fire station in Egrument Street. As well as the fire engine and fire fighter rocks, Green for Grenfell rocks showed solidarity for those fire fighters who fought the Grenfell fire in 2017. This linked back to ERE’s painting of rocks for each of the victims of the fire on the year anniversary last June.

As a truly inclusive community project, 3rd Ely cubs contributed 60 of the 999 painted rocks with the help of Explorer, George Patten. 

Positive comments flowed in as a result of the surprise Rock Drop, including from the staff of the 3 emergency stations. Sergeant Phil Priestley said; “Pulling into work this morning was quite a lovely surprise!  It has really made everyone smile. It’s a very thoughtful gesture.”

If you would like to join in with Ely Rock Eels you can visit them on their Facebook Group to find out more. 

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