Ely Rock Eels LoveFest 2019

On Saturday, 9th February, Ely Rock Eels will hold their second annual LoveFest at the Prince Albert pub on Silver Street, Ely. 
“After the success and loveliness of last year’s LoveFest, it seemed silly not to hold another one this year,” mused Fleur Patten, organiser. “In these times when division, unhappiness and poverty seem to be growing, we need opportunities to come together, understand one another, and to be positive.”
Unfortunately, this year’s Valentines Day doesn’t fall in half term so this year’s LoveFest will be a prelude and an opportunity for guests to collect a love rock for a loved one before the special day in the following week.

The Prince Albert has very generously allowed us to use their restaurant and to open the bi-folding doors into the garden for people to flow inside and out.”

But what is the LoveFest?
Currently, Ely Rock Eels are furiously painting a variety of rocks inspired by the theme of love. Last year there were 1,000 rocks which formed a Carpet of Love in the Prince Albert’s garden. Anyone is invited  to drop a heart rock in the beer garden to spread the love. Then on Saturday, 9th February between 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock, people will be invited to take the rocks for loved ones or to rehide to bring joy to strangers.

Participants will be asked to donate to Pride Ely (10.8.19) and the British Heart Foundation. Last year £100 was raised. 
Hopefully, last year’s party atmosphere will be recreated with ROCKabilly music from Jacen Bruce and face painting or beard glitter for all ages by Blue Kangaroo Entertainment. 
As with any of EREs’ rock events, there will be prizes for randomly chosen rock entries as well as a one-time opportunity to place a bid in the auction for an art box hand-painted by a number of Ely Rock Eels with their signature designs. 

All welcome. Free entry. No pressure to spend money.

Just celebrate all varieties of love.

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