Elyi Magazine #44

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The changing face of our high streets in England is a hot topic at the moment and with the national ‘Independents day’ coming up at the beginning of July we decided to take time to celebrate some of our lovely local shops here in the city centre. Do have a look at the feature on page 34. It’s been great to chat with business owners and retailers over the last month and find out why and how they do what they do. There is so much expertise and hard work behind our Ely retailers and all of them offer that personal tailored service that you just don’t get anywhere else. The team at Visit Ely will be running their usual Facebook campaign highlighting local shops too. So, this issue is very much about commerce and trading. With that in mind, Ellie at the Museum tells us about the commercial history of the city on page 4 and there are some lovely new businesses and services to discover too. Cllr Lis Every explains a little of the plans forming to rejuvenate and reinvent the city centre on page 38. We welcome Mayor Mike Rouse back for another term as Mayor. See his article on page 10.

The groups and meets section is only available in the online issue for this magazine but will be back in print for September. Please take the time to update your entry if needed. 

Our next issue is the September/October one and the theme will very green! We’ll be exploring all things ECO and hearing from local businesses, new community projects, experts and campaigners on what they and we can do on a local level to reduce waste and help sustain the planet. Another hot topic! Please do get in touch via email or Facebook if you have ideas to contribute. The Ely Hero Awards are upon us so we hope to bring your all the info on that in our next issue too.

We wish you the very best of summers whether you ‘staycation’ here in our lovely city or go off on a holiday further afield. I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time in nearly 30 years so hope to be back with some interesting pics of suitably middle-aged shenanigans to share with you in the Autumn. I will also be checking out Mr Toppings’ new book shop!


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