I am not one of ‘them’ sort!

by Local company, Bentley Solicitors

It is a phrase we often hear from new clients – “I’m not one of them sort to make a claim.” Our job is to listen to our clients and help them decide if their grievance or potential claim is one that is worthwhile taking forward. By the time most people speak to us, they have mulled over what happened and need someone from outside who can look at all the facts objectively and professionally.

Our work is very varied and claims can take many different forms. It differs from person to person.  It might be that someone has a minor bump in a car, a bit of an ache and inconvenience but they want some compensation to make up for the pain and the hassle of what has happened.

Then there are more significant injuries with an added financial element, say lost pay for a month or so.  That in itself can be crippling and it can take months or years to financially recover.

At the far end of the scale are those whose life changes so they can no longer work or enjoy life to the full, or they die and their family is left to pick up the pieces without their presence or financial support.

Often a claim is not about money but answers and explanations.  It is about being listened to and being able to understand why an accident happened or mistake was made. This matters most when a medical mistake has been made. Having the time to sit down with the people involved, get answers to your questions and understand what went wrong can be just as important as any financial compensation.

The reality is that not one of our clients is “one of them sort” and certainly never made to feel like they are. You are entitled to seek compensation for injury or loss from others if they are in the wrong. When something does happen, you want a skilled professional who can represent your interests and guide you through the process. At our initial meeting, we will tell you if you have a good enough case which is why we offer a no win no fee contract. If you think you have a claim give us a call and if we can help you we will.



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