Responsible Travel

We spoke with local independent tour operators David Archer and Hafsa Gaher about their views on sustainable travel. 

Solio Rhino Sanctuary

David says ”Travel has the potential to connect the world like nothing else. Engaging in immersive travel brings cultures together and we have so much to learn from each other. So, while clocking up the air miles increases your carbon footprint, we need to strike a balance between cutting back and being cut off from the world.”

Hafsa and David specialise in luxury adventure holidays off the beaten track. They have first hand knowledge of how toursim can affect the destination area both negatively and positively. 

Hafsa adds “People are constantly causing damage to the environment while multi-national chain hotels aren’t always the most eco-friendly – you need to know what you’re looking for. So how can we make the most of it when we do travel? How can we offset the damage we cause with positive sustainable tourism? It’s important to be mindful of your impact, not just on the physical environment but also on the culture and history of a place and on those living there now”.

There is crossover in definition between sustainable travel, responsible travel, eco tourism and green travel. These terms encompass the idea of being more conscious of how we travel. 

As tour specialists David and Hafsa  are perfectly placed to take your holiday off the beaten track and alleviate the over-tourism of densely populated destinations around the world which are at risk of being damaged by tourist footfall. 

David says “Sustainable travel is all about connecting with others and that connectivity starts at home. We love our Ely community and are always looking to engage with local residents and businesses and would welcome you getting in touch to discuss sustainability.”

With this in mind Archer and Gaher Adventures are hosting an event showcasing Sustainable Travel at the Poets House in September. Running throughout the afternoon, they are inviting destination experts to give advice about how to travel sustainably as well as highlighting some of the innovative initiatives making a positive impact out there in the world. 

You are invited to join  Archer & Gaher for welcome drinks and snacks at The Poets House on Sunday 15th September. 

There will be lots of information and even prizes to be won! Find out more about your next adventure! 

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